Support For Medical Marijuana

Marijuana support groups are happy with the new stance of the AMA and the change in attitude towards medical marijuana, medical marijuana doctors or even the medical marijuana clinic Toronto in Canada. Perhaps the FDA in the USA might still resists the legalization for medical marijuana as the FDA is considering the objection to its secure use as medicine. However, the popular choice is to against the FDA in favor of further study for marijuana use for medical. Not too long ago, the second largest group of doctors has shown similar support to continue and improve the research of using marijuana for medicine.

Even with some resistance from the federal government, especially in the United States, these medical marijuana clinics do exist in Canada. Perhaps it’s not a total tip over in favor but evidence have shown that there is a need, and further research and study should be carried out. Instead of being judgemental about the subject, the federal government should support more in a way of funding for more research and study to arrive at a conclusion that medical marijuana use is acceptable.